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Mallorca Daily Bulletin

The Sunday Interview

“The rich and famous love Majorca because they can slip in and out unnoticed....”

This week Humphrey Carter talks to Tor Cooper-Evans the director of Deliciously Sorted Mallorca the bespoke concierge service.

“This island is truly amazing, you can get anything your clients wants done, albeit a giant birthday cake with a real hobby train running round the base, everything is possible on Majorca,” says Tor, who spends the summer personally looking after top of the market visitors to the island.

In association with International Villas, Tor and her team, which this year will be four strong due to increasing demand for private and pampered holidays in Majorca, are already looking at a very busy summer. Deliciously Sorted was originally founded in Ibiza ten years ago and then three years ago, Tor was hired to head the Majorca wing and since then, it has gone from strength to strength.

“Quite simply, it’s a one call service. The clients let us know what they want and when and, by the time they land here, it’s all sorted,” she explains.

“Albeit five star hotel accommodation, private yacht charters, a wedding, or private villas, we’ve got an excellent network of suppliers,” she says.

“This top end of the market, to be honest, is recession proof but that is not to say that the wealthy are happy to just throw their money around.

“One thing we have noticed recently is that they are more careful on how they spend it. For example, the trend this year is to have a private chef.

“At the moment, there appears to be less demand for yacht charters because apart from the expense, it’s complicated thanks to Spanish fiscal rules and silly regulations but a surge in clients wanting a private chef for the duration of their stay, and that could be as long as a month. The beauty is the chef and his or her team will shop, cook and clean at the client’s wish, it’s a great idea and those chefs which are losing their positions on the charter yachts are coming to work for us, so we have really capable and quality pool of quality chefs to work with,” says Tor, who has been an event organiser ever since she graduated from university in London having studied psychology.

“And, what we do, or rather how we do it, appears to be working because, apart from a heavy web presence, most our clients find out about us via word of mouth and we have a number of repeat visitors. 

“This year, I think 80 per cent of our clients are going to be land based, as opposed to chartering yachts and our properties range from 5,000 to 65- 70,000 euros per week and in fact, we’ve already got out first client of the season on the island for 21 days, so 2012 is looking good.

“We’ve also got 11 confirmed weddings booked and we always get last minute bookings for small, minute weddings, so that side of the business is also flourishing,” Tor explains.

“We can organise weddings for300plus people at amazing stately homes on the island or a private event for around 20 close family and friends at one of Majorca’s many intimate beach bars.
“Like I’ve said, tell us what you want and we’ll fix it....” Agood50percent of their clients are British but they also cater for Germans, Swedes and Russians.

“It’s not so much the Russians which are booming it’s the Swedes. I think it’s the only country left in Europe which thinks Majorca’s still cheap,” she says.

What is more, what the clients want varies greatly. “Obviously, it depends on the age group or whether it’s a family holidays.

“Families with older teenagers like to be around the Port of Andratx over-looking the sea from the cliffs but just a quick stroll from Tim’s bar, for example while others like to be hidden away up in Soller and Deyaor right in the heart of the island in areas such as Selva.

“That’s where Dame Judi Dench stayed with us last summer while Mark Owen and the Take That boys always like to head up to Deya, that is becoming a real popular spot with members of the UK music industry,” says Tor. 

“I think some people, especially the celebrities, prefer Majorca to Ibiza because here, they can fly in on a scheduled airline, which the majority do, and just dip under the radar and hide away in one of International Villa’s wonderful properties.

“In Ibiza, it’s chaotic during the summer and we need to use private security, decoy cars, the works, here it’s just much more chilled and that appeals to people who just want to get away from it all.

Apart from the fact that the island is just a glorious place for a holiday and just two hours from most main European airports. “The only down side to Majorca is the nightlife. It does not have any really good, top of the market clubs like Ibiza but the shopping is adequate and, to be honest, very few of our clients come here to go shopping anyway, they’re on holiday.

“That said, we do have personal shoppers on our books along with bilingual stylists to help brides choose a Spanish made wedding dress for the big day. Nothing’s left to chance by us,” Tor stresses. And stress is something Tor seems to thrive on.

She personally cases the area around every single one of the villas they have access to so she can provide the clients with as much information a possible about the surrounding area, Everything from the best bakery, the best place for a coffee to restaurants etc.

“And of course, should they need a restaurant booking, transport etc. they can call me 24/7 and it will be sorted.” That is the kind of long season which Tor is waiting for, but having now lived on the island for six years, she loves Majorca and her job - so she’s not complaining.

In fact, Tor has worked freelance for Coty Beauty, the world’s largest fragrance company for the past ten years and continues to do so and this involves jetting back to London to organise a launch of a new fragrance or brand product every month.

Most recently she organised the launch of British diver Tom Daley as the new face of Adidas but over the years, she has personally been in charge of launching fragrances with the likes of Victoria Beckham, Beyoncé Knowles, Céline Dion, Shania Twain, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Moss, Madonna and Sarah Jessica Parker, to name just a few.

“I’ve also worked with Ewan McGregor, for example, when he was the face of Davidoff. We have a great team and it also serves to keep my hand in,” Tor says.

“Tom (Daley) is so young but he’s such a nice bloke and I just fear that, with the Olympics coming and all that, too much pressure is being put on his shoulders,” Tor says.

“But, all of the people we’ve worked with are great, maybe it’s the way we handle them,” she says. And that experience shines through here in Majorca when Tor and her team have high powered celebrities on the island.

Over the past few years, apart from Dame Judi Dench and Take That, (minus Robbie Williams at the time), Tor’s clients, which can be mentioned, have included Jason Donovan Ralph Fiennes and Sir Tom Hunter, Scotland’s first self-made billionaire, and many have come back so that must say something about Tor’s delicious care and attention.