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Hell on Earth

Evening Standard

Hell on Earth

Serena Cook's concierge company Deliciously Sorted organises villa holidays in Ibiza for people such as Laura Bailey and Eric Fellner, Calvin Klein, Jemima Khan and Hugh Grant and Jade Jagger.

As a result, she has become expert in pinpointing likely sufferers of holiday incompatibility syndrome. "I can usually tell from the tone of voice when we speak for the first time on the phone whether someones going to enjoy their holiday or not" she says. I have learned to manage peoples expectations. I tell them they are going to have fun but things aren't going to happen the way they expect them to.

"As Ibiza's changing, people's image of it is that it's going to be like the Hamptons. But the whole point is that it's a rough diamond, it's quite boho. Some people can't believe that when they're paying 20,000 pounds for a villa for a week, they're going to have to dump down a dirt track for 2km to get there. People who have high-pressure City jobs often find it very hard to relax because they are still operating at London speed. The cash-rich, time-poor want to be right where its at, immediately. If they are sitting on one beach, they're worrying that another beach might have cooler people on it. Everyone checks out who's arriving on the 1,500 euro boat and who's got the 7,500 euro boat. Its really funny they can't leave the competitive edge behind."