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Wired-up techno bohos

Style Magazine

Wired-up techno bohos

"What if you could escape the rat race and travel the world, taking the best bits with you Jessica Brinton reports on the wired-up techno-bohos who are doing just that.

"I love my life," says Serena Cook, who runs a concierge company, Deliciously Sorted, out of Ibiza, but spends winter travelling to meet clients and research her business.

"In the past few months I've been to Japan, Africa, Meribel, New York and London. Last weekend I was in Marrakech and because I was always available on my laptop, nobody even needed to know i was there, so I was free. I'm a hippie at heart!"

While they are doing very well out of the new global economy - they are, after all, entrepreneurial, multi-skilled and available at all times of day or night - they're keen to sidestep the naff go-getting stereotypes.

You'd be more likely to spot them in jeans and flip flops than suits and boots. Glamorous though she is, Cook doesn't look like someone who'd fare very well on Dragons Den. "The brilliant thing is that from a line of a text or a voice on the phone, my clients would never know that.

They do, sometimes get a shock when they meet me!" Fragmented though the skyper community is, it does have a hub. Ibiza is it's spiritual home, the centre of it's world. It's there that the worlds boho hobos gather: sometimes on business, sometimes to party, mostly for a rather compelling blend of both.

"Its the European music capital," Cook says. "So many DJs and music producers live here, and they all have WiFi and Skype. They make music in their villas in the hills and send it as an MP3 to London or New York." The fact remains: the Skyper life is more fun than other people's. "