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Very Important Party People

Style Magazine

Very Important Party People

Serena Cook of Deliciously Sorted, paved the way when she started her company six years ago, after a period as a personal chef to her friend Jagger.

She is staggered by the company's year-on-year success.She can fix most things for her clients, a good of whom arrive on private jets. A good deal more will be staying in expensive villas, with chefs, personal trainers and specialised staff catering to their whims - while i'm sitting in her office, someone calls requesting a chef who can "cook River Cafe Style food."

One of Cook's staff Pascal, spends the summer just walking people into clubs.Cook's connections are impeccable. CClients ask to be seated next to some celebrity who they've heard is on the island, then Fred at Pacha will make sure it happens.We know everyone here.

Bombing round the island in her battered red jeep, she is a dynamo of efficiency. Sheets of a certain thread count, a Hummer or a Porsche to cruise round the island, shopping trips for pampered wives to perfect their Ibiza-look wadrobe, candles of a certain height, shape and scent, a fridge filled with whatever you want, extravagant parties for the money-no-object raver - all no problem.

Last year for example, P Diddy was on his boat but wanted to arrange a villa party to keep the press happy. Cook sorted out all the necessaries.

Then he cancelled it, literally, at the last time minute because he was having too much of a good time to bother."

I hang around her office, listening to her organise a four hour pre Pacha villa party for some Russians who want an International DJ, a Russian band, caviar and a specific type of Vodka flown in from Moscow.

The whole thing will cost 100,000 - rather more than a few vodkas and a wicked compliation CD you will get your groove on for a night out.

Cook takes me to a dinner she has organised for a group of Londoners on a beach near Santa Eularia del Rio. She gets on with sweeping the the ordinary folk out of the restaurant, while one of her liveried staff lines the path with flares and tea lights in paper bags. When the insouciant clients arrive, they have no idea that, two minutes ago lesser mortals were being shuffled off stage left, so as not to interrupt the chic view.

People such as Cook turn the island's rough-diamond quality into a seamless luxury playground. She explains the agenda for most of her clients. 'Chefs, drivers, a day on a yacht, a night in Pacha's VIP area, dinners at the right tables at El Ayoun and L'Elephant, beach life at Jockey club or Blue Marlin, may be a villa party, all co-ordinated by a hostess who visits their villas morning and night to tell them what they can do for fun that day.

A rich gay client is about to arrive, and Cook's assistant is talking him through his phenomenally tight schedule, right down to: "Monday morning after Space, you will be tired so the chef will fix you smoothies on the veranda, and then there'll be relaxing massages in rooms."