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Living at Home

New York Times

Living at Home

Ibiza, Spain - Serena Cook is the ultimate social connector for the wealthy summer set on this Spanish resort island.

A former Organic restaurant owner from London, she runs a concierge service that helps clients, who have included Calvin Klein, Hugh Grant and members of U2, get hold of elite party invites, prime time restaurant reservations and desirable villas which can rent for up to $16000 a week in July and August. But she is relaxed about her own surroundings.

Her one bedroom farmhouse in the hills outside the town of Ibiza had no guest quarters, so she leased a nearby cottage for her visitors. When the rent went up she did what any resourceful neo-bohemian Ibizan would: She bought a five-by-five and-a-half-meter canvas teepee, had it painted with tribal patterns in earth red and big-sky blue, and set it up just beyond her pool in the shade of the palm tree. All for just $2165.

I always had this romantic idea of sleeping in a teepee, said Ms Cook, 33 who lives on the island from May through October (she runs her company, Deliciously Sorted, from London in the winter) and has furnished the room with a double bed, Mexican Votive candles and a Persian rug. "But mainly, it was a really practical way to create another room."

Miss Cook opts to cede her house to her guests, and use the teepee herself. But when the sun comes up in the morning, she says it gets as hot as a furnace in there. Not an ideal situation for her London friends who go out clubbing all night and want to sleep late." I have to get up early anyway for my job," she says, Just like the Indians!