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Serena Cook

Serena Cook (extract from Pacha Magazine)

“Serena Cook's Deliciously Sorted is the concierge service and events company for the stars in Ibiza. She's a self-proclaimed "manager of expectations" on an island where guidance and insider knowledge are as essential for a fancy dinner as getting into Amnesias VIP. She writes a summer column for Tatler, is a spy for Mr and Mrs Smith, runs a sister company International Villas and organises A-list parties. When Paris needs a villa and Mick Jagger wants a chef, they dial Serena's digits first."

"I was somewhere at the right time and filled a niche," she modestly explains. In her tenth season of Deliciously Sorted, she draws on a wealth of global experience and a 14 year love affair with Ibiza. "Some clients need the whole package, others just fancy a few extras to make their holiday complete. Whoever comes here you want them to have a nice time, whether they're spending 2 or 2000 euros."